About Our Filtered Insufflatin Tubing Products...
Provides bacteria and particulate barriers down to .1 microns recommended for laparoscopic surgery.* The disposable tubing with filter ensures and maintains proper pneumoperitoneum distention with flow rates of 20 litres per minute or more per unit.

Important Features Include:

Proven bacterial filtration capabilities down to .1 microns
Large ID tubing for increased CO2 flow rates
20 Litre per minute high flow capacity
Large bore, leak proof luer lock connectors
All insufflator compatibility (customized adaptor available for special insufflators)
Non-kinking drapeable tubing
Cost effective 10 foot lengths in sterile packaging
High Flow CO2 Delivery 15 LPM
Hydrophobic barrier keeps fluids from reaching machine
Sterile, Disposable, Available
0.1 Micron filtration = Sterile air delivery